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Plymouth Sundance | How Do I Remove The Rear Deck Speakers In A 1994 Plymouth Sundance Hatchback?

Plymouth Sundance | How do I remove the rear deck speakers in a 1994 Plymouth Sundance hatchback?  Asked by Joshua W on 2006-06-19
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I need to remove and replace the rear speakers in my 1994 Plymouth Sundance. I believe they are blown and they no longer work. Any help on removing them would be greatly appreciated.

BustownohioAnswer by Bustownohio
Usually the screw for the speakers will have to accessed from the trunk. just take the old ones out unhooking the wires that are connected. Then get the new speakers and put them in from the trunk as well. once you see where the screws have been put in it'll be easy

NathanAnswer by Nathan
Park up in any ghetto leave the car unnatended for five mins and hey presto as if by magic they're gone

Deva_jonesAnswer by Deva_jones
The rear ones are the harder ones to get to. You pretty much have to remove most of the rear plastic of the car. Unbolt the seatbelt bolts, take out the rear seat. There will be some clips that hold the plastic in that you pop out. it will take some time but you'll get there.

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