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Buick Skylark | Why Does My Back Driver Side Tire Wobble But No Other One Does?

Buick Skylark | Why does my back driver side tire wobble but no other one does?  Asked by on 2010-05-19
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I have a 1971 Buick Skylark with original Kragers... I put the spare in the back and that one wobbles to?? Why does the three other not do this?

N_rosychukAnswer by N_rosychuk
Assuming that you tightened the lug nuts fully and correctly, sounds like something back there is bent or warped, though I'm not sure what it could be if the spare wobbles as well.

MarkAnswer by Mark
If you have rotated or balanced the tires it is most likely a bent axle shaft.

AutodudeAnswer by Autodude
You could have a broken belt in that tire causeing it to wobble.

Mechanic NickAnswer by Mechanic Nick
Bent rims, or you have a wheel bearing going out. Are you getting any noise out of it

ClncarplzAnswer by Clncarplz
Check to make sure that the brake drum is seated correctly on the axle. Try putting one of the other tires on the bad axle & if it still wobbles then take your car to a shop. Great Car! With the original Kragers no less!!

TeddybearalsoAnswer by Teddybearalso
Take it to a shop and have it checked out. They will put it up on a lift and run it and can tell what is going on. May be something bent, or a bearing.

JoshAnswer by Josh
1. incorrect tire pressure (a spare will lose its pressure if the rubber is old) 2. unbalanced wheel will wobble 3. wheel bearings are worn 4. bent rim but i dont think this is it being that two of your wheels do it. 5. worn or bent axle link or similar. i'd start out with checking tire pressure then get the wheels both checked for balance. the counter-weights have a tendency to break off or rattle off after a while

ScrubbagAnswer by Scrubbag
At first, as I read this, I thought of bent rim. But you say you put on the spare and it still wobbles. That means axle is bad, maybe slightly bent. It suppose it could also be wheel bearing loose, and this would be dangerous, if that wheel came off.

Ricardo9505Answer by Ricardo9505
I would assume your rear bearings are due for a change. rather cheap, no worries. just getting that drum off is the issue. use a non steel hammer to whack it. or a hammer and wood. inspect the bearings.

CatmandewAnswer by Catmandew
I suppose if it wobbles with 2 different wheels on it, you could try a 3rd or 4th or 5th wheel and see if it does the same, but if it does, sooner or later the inescapable conclusion is that it's not the wheel where the fault lies. That includes a bent rim and tire ply separation, and to suspect a poor wheel balance job is just silly. The wheel bearing seems an unlikely candidate too, as the axle on a car like that is at least 3 feet long. The bearing would have to be totally shot for it to be very noticeable at all. You would have heard some grinding long before that. If anything, there might be some axial (up and down) irregularity, but not a radial deflection, which is usually described as "a wobble". There are really only 2 possibilities. A bent axle flange, or conceivably (although a little far fetched) some sort of foreign object between the brake drum and the axle flange. This would usually be something you could only feel though, and would have to be rather extreme to be able to actually see it. If you really want to be sure, take the wheel and brake drum off, attach a dial caliper to the backing plate, and measure the runout of the outter edge of the axle flange face as you rotate it. Any deflection there is going to be magnified several times over with a wheel attached, due to it's significantly larger diameter. btw, it's spelled Cragar. http:/ / history/

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