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Acura Mdx | How Long Acura MDX Last?

Acura Mdx | How long Acura MDX last?  Asked by on 2011-02-24
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I just bought a 2007 MDX from an independent dealer. He told me that this vehicle will last your lifetime. I would like to know how many miles you can put on MDX before they start having issues. Please don't answer like "Depends on how you maintain it and all that crap". I need some solid answers. Assumption here is..vehicle will be maintained well..i.e. on time oil change, transmission fluid flush, tire rotation..etc.. I am looking for an average mileages you get before you start having major problems. Thanks in advance.

HAnswer by H
My friend's 2002 MDX needed a new transmission at 105k at a cost of $4200 but Acura improved the Transmission in 2005 and later. I was at the repair place about my 2005 MDX and they told me unlike other cars you need to replace transmission fluid as often as you can may be once a year regardless of the mileage. I have not changed the transmision oil since I bought it new in 2005 but I have less than 40k on it. I will soon change the oil since transmission has no filter. I doubt that my 2005 MDX lasts a life time but I bet it would last at least 15 years.

Nj2pa2ncAnswer by Nj2pa2nc
100,000 miles or longer. My niece owns a 06 MDX with close to 100,000 problem free miles.

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