LTD-Cars is ‘The Place’ if you are looking for the latest news and info related to concept and most exclusive, expensive and luxurious cars. Vehicle information from concept to production. If you are interested in buying or selling and need to assess your vehicle fair price, if you want to learn more about different cars’ specifications, or maybe just want a little taste of the action then you have come to the right site.


Concept Cars

Learn more about prototype cars made to showcase a concept, new styling or new technology.
Famous Cars
Famous Cars

Famous Cars on Movies and TV shows
Luxury Cars
Luxury Cars

Find out what are the hottest and most luxurious cars currently out there and their predecessors.
Auto Shows
Auto Show

Get behind the scenes access to the best and most exclusive auto shows around the world.
Car Videos
Cars Videos

See the latest road tests, auto show videos, adventure features and car video clips.
Car News
Car News

Stay on top of what’s happening in the automotive industry.
Car Prices
Cars Prices

Compare car prices and find what others paid for current and older models.

Read the latest luxury cars news, view the newest concept s and production of LTD cars, and join discussions with auto experts from around the world.

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